DV Info
Want to make a film? Start here.

Canon DV
When you're ready to make professional video and photographs, go Canon.

Sony Electronics
Sony offers the best video equipment for the avid “pro-sumer”.

Apple Computers
There's a reason Hollywood spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to equip their editing studios with Apple Macintosh computers - and it's not because they're “cool looking”. There's nothing you can't do on a Mac, except maybe catch a virus or crash your computer.

Adobe Multimedia Software
Great software company featuring such classics as: Photoshop, Premiere, Go Live, Illustrator, and Acrobat.

BH Photo & Video
BH is the ultimate resource for digital, analog, & print media. They have the best prices in the nation on everything they sell. If you need it, they have it - but be prepared for rude customer service. They're located in Manhattan, New York.

Grouchy Media
This guy is who started the “Pump-Up Video” craze back in 2001.

MD Films
Very inspiring independent digial filmmaker from Maryland.

Axiocentric Web Design
A great inovative website development company out of San Antonio, Texas.

27media Productions

Houston Fire Department:

HFD Fire Station 68
Houston Fire Station 68. One of the busiest fire stations in the city. Station 68 also serves at home to District 68, the one of the busiest Districts in the city. 68's is located in Braeburn Valley, Southwest Houston.

HFD Haz-Mat
Houston Fire Station 22 - Haz-Mat Response Team (HMRT). These guys are known internationally as pioneers in the field of hazardous materials containment & mitigation..

HFD Strategic Simulator
The HFD Strategic Simulator is an encapsulated enviroment designed to train District Chiefs in the management & mitigataion of large scale incidents. 27media helped build the first Strategic Simulator and provided consultation, as well as created the first digital simulations.

Houston Fire Museum
Visit the Fire Museum and see how the Houston Fire Department has grown, both in technology and size in the last 150 years. 27media is a contributor to the Houston Fire Museum as well.

Houston Fire Department
Official Houston Fire Department website.

HFD Active Incidents
Live list of on going incidents and the units dispatched.

Local 341
Official Houston Firefighters' Union, the Local 341.

Alief Community Volunteer Fire Department
This small volunteer fire department on the far southwest side of the Houston metro serves the unincorporated area of Southwest Alief (S.W.A.T.), greater Mission Bend, and the greater Clodine-West Oaks area (CVFD also mutual-aids into as far south as Sugar Land/Richmond and west as Fulshear). This volunteer department pays off-duty Houston Fire Department firefighters & paramedics during daytime hours to man the stations, dispatch office, and all apparatus. At night, volunteer firefighters and paid paramedics service the area.

27media Productions' home office is located with in CVFD's still alarm territory.

27media Productions

Houston Fire Media:

Four Alarm Photos
This site is owned & operated by Brandon Jacobs, who is a HFD Volunteer Firefighter as well as photographer.

HFD Scans
This site is owned & operated by Eric Lundstrom. Along with fireground photography, Eric also records fireground radio transmissions. He later adds the two together and presents them as slideshows on his site.

The Bravest Online
This site is owned & operated by Chris David. Chris' primary focus is to showcase fire departments across the nation by hosting their videos & pictures.

27media Productions


McDonalds Restaurant Fire 2000
On February 14th, 2000, shortly after 4:45am, Firefighter Kimberly Smith & Firefighter Lewis Mayo III lost their lives while making an interior attack on a fire inside a McDonald's restaurant. Both Smith & Mayo worked at Fire Station 76.

Four Leaf Towers Fire 2001
On October 13th, 2001, shortly after 5am, Captain Jay Jahnke lost his life while attempting to rescue the victim of a highrise apartment fire on the fifth floor of the Four Leaf Towers Condominiums. Captain Jahnke worked at Fire Station 2.

El Festival Ballroom Fire 2004
On April 4th, 2004, shortly after 6am, Firefighter Kevin Kulow lost his life while attempting a primary search for victims inside the El Festival Ballroom. Kulow worked at Fire Station 50.

Brandon Street House Fire 2005
On February 19th, 2005, shortly after 6am, Captain Grady Burke lost his life while making an interior attack on a fire inside a Brandon Street home. Captain Burke worked at Fire Station 46.

27media Productions

Firefighting Equipment:

The Fire Store
This is a true firefighter's toy store. This is also a great place to order custom helmet shields.

Fire, Police, & EMS
This is a good resource site for firefighting media.

EMP Collectibles
Very nice firefighting and EMS collectibles. The parent site is a good EMS supply site as well.

The Fire Collector
This site is ran by retired firefighter Dave Miller. Dave specializes in fire department station patches. He can design, make, and sell your station's logo.

27media Productions

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